Alfredo Martinez

Dear friends and colleagues,
It is my distinct pleasure to invite you to participate in the XXVII edition of the Latin Society for Vascular Research (LIAC) meeting. As in past occasions, the scientific and professional atmosphere of the colloquium will serve as a fertile ground for establishing new collaborations and finding the latest trends on vascular biology and medicine, as presented by the experts in the field.

This year, the LIAC meeting will take place in Logroño, the capital of La Rioja, the most important wine producing region of Spain. For many years now, the LIAC has had a close relationship with wine and wineries, and not only for the connection with resveratrol as a cardiovascular protecting substance. The organizing committee is working hard to provide the participants with a fair sampling of the many products and attractions the region has to offer.
The dates for the meeting are October 5th to 8th, 2011. In our experience, this time of the year is optimal to visit La Rioja, with sunny days that are nevertheless not too hot, and that allow the possibility of tranquil walks through the uplifting spectacle of the color-turning leaves of the vineyards.
A characteristic feature of the LIAC meetings consists in devoting the first conference to issues that provide food for thought outside our main field of vascular biology. Subjects such as philosophy, natural history, ecology, ethics, and others have been treated in past editions. In the 2011 meeting we will have as speaker for the opening conference one of the researchers of the Atapuerca site. Atapuerca is an impressive archaeological complex which has become a reference point in the study of the human presence and evolution in Europe and has been declared part of the UNESCO World Heritage network. In addition, the site is just a few kilometres from Logroño and can be visited in a short day trip.

I hope to see you in Logroño next October.

Alfredo Martínez, PhD
President of the Organizing Committee
LIAC 2011